Raising Hell And Writing Screenplays

I was hanging out a local pub waiting on inspiration to happen for my next screenplay. Everyone has their own way of clearing their mind to brainstorm. People do yoga, meditation, exercise, or other activities to help ideas flow. I chose to go down a different road. At this point in my life I was in a serious writing funk not feeling too good about my filmmaking dreams https://thesiseditor.co.uk/.
Adversity Can Be A New Beginning: How I Turned A Writers Strike Into My First Film Production
The writers’ strike of ’88 hit Hollywood not long after my literary management business had really begun to take off. Finally, I’d built what looked like a successful business. At that moment, the Writers Guild of America made a decision that would shut down all production, in fact the entire business of film and television. The talk on the street was the strike wasn’t going to end any time soon